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SI Elementary District UIL Meet Results

Congratulations to all the elementary UIL participants and their coaches for doing an outstanding job at the Elementary District UIL meet. Participants and their coaches have been working hard all year long and their efforts have been greatly rewarded. The results are as follows:
2nd Place Overall Elementary Team 

2nd Grade

Creative Writing:         2nd Place – Robyn Lopez     
                                 5th Place – Sofia Reyes
Storytelling:                1st Place – Itzel Carmona


3rd Grade

Music Memory:           2nd Place Music Memory Team
4th Place – Carlos Carmona                                             
Spelling:                                1st Place Spelling Team
1st Place –Carlos Carmona                                               
2nd Place – Rafael Lucio
Ready Writing:                    2nd Place – Carlos Carmona
Oral Reading:                       4th Place – Esmeralda Guevara
Storytelling:                         3rd Place – Xoaquin Alvarado                                               
5th Place -  Rafael Lucio                                               
6th Place – Carlos Carmona
4th Grade
Number Sense:                   6th Place – Eli Alaniz
Music Memory:                  2nd Place Music Memory Team
4th Place – Rafael Lucio                                               
5th Place – Melanie Guevara
2nd Place Spelling Team
2nd Place – Eli Alaniz                                               
5th Place – Brian Trevino
Oral Reading:                      
1st Place – Olivia Reyes                                               
3rd Place – Austin Ordonez                                               
4th Place – Andrea Garcia 
5th Grade -  Top 5th Grade Team
Social Studies:                     3rd Place Social Studies Team
1st Place – Anna Elizondo                                    
Music Memory:                 
2nd Place Music Memory Team
3rd Place – Colby Ponce                                               
5th Place – Arianna Vela                                               
6th Place – Anna Elizondo                                               
Number Sense:                   2nd Place Number Sense Team
4th Place – Arianna PerezSpelling:                                1st Place Spelling Team1st Place – Arianna Perez                                                2nd Place – Anna Elizondo                                                3rd Place – Colby PonceArt Smart:                            2nd Place Art Smart Team4th Place – Aryanna Garza                                                          6th Place -  Arianna PerezMaps, Charts & Graphs:   2nd Place Maps, Charts & Graphs Team2nd Place – Aryanna Garza                                                4th Place – Arianna Perez                                                6th Place – Larry TrevinoOral Reading:                       2nd Place – Jennifer Herrera                                                3rd Place – Arianna Perez                                                5th Place – Eli AlanizReady Writing:                    1st Place – Arianna Perez                                                4th Place – Colby Ponce